Five Continent
Industrial Corp.


About Us

We are a Global international wholesale Trading and Manufacturing company, providing a wide range of high quality, premium products and first-class customer service with amazing manufacturer direct prices.

Five Continent Industrial Corporation “FCIC” is located in the New York USA exports copper, aluminum, Zinc, Tin, Nickel, Antimony, Indium,  Scrap metal and other materials to the international market.

The company has its own storage warehouse supply around the world to meet customer demand, has its own professional team, adheres to the scientific development concept, in line with the "High quality, Integrity, Professionalism and performance”.

The annual sales of aluminum 40,000 tons, copper and other product 50,000 tons, with standardized quality management and quality assurance system.

The main products of the company are: copper wire, copper plate, copper bar, aluminum ingot, aluminum plate, aluminum bar,   zinc ingot, tin ingot, indium ingot, cobalt ingot and other products.

The company also has a division for all type of Scrap metal and Aluminum wheels etc.

The company attaches great importance to the quality management, customer  service  and has formed a unique set of standards and scientific quality control system, passed the certification of SGS official inspection organization management always ensuring the quality of products.

We are able to provide world class shipping options through our longterm partnerships with major freight forwarders. Professional warehouse staff will take care of your orders and ensure that they are packed to our strict standards. Your product will be carefully checked and safely packed before shipping. This reflects our commitment as a global metal supplying company. Ensure always providing the highest level of response.

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